About Us

It is hard to be a sexual minority out there, as I was about to find out on my own later on in life. I always have the feeling that I was different from the others, that I did not fit the general description of a person, feeling the tendency to like what was considered to be “wrong”, or “unnatural”. It made me feel weird and awkward, as I didn’t have the courage to talk with others about my interests, especially in the intimate area. And yes, I even received the disapproved and even scared looks of my scarce partners, once they ended up knowing what I liked. So yes, I am just like you, considered normal by my conscience, but abnormal by the rest of the society. But I discovered that I am not alone, finding others that were in the same position as I was. This is the reason I started to create this website, as a way to prove you that you are not alone and that there are places for lesbian singles.

Lesbian dating is something that occurs with a large difficulty in our society, even if some make the efforts not to be judgmental about it. If you are a lesbian, then you probably know what I am talking about. It is likely to be hard to find a stable relationship with another lesbian, since, in the best case, you found someone that was curious about this lifestyle or was bisexual, which made the relationship not last for too long. There is always the option of lesbian dating sites, but as I was about to find out, many sites were indeed disappointing, allowing fake profiles to exist or not being entirely made for lesbians to enjoy. I started looking for these sites in the attempt to find people that had the same interests as me, out of the desire to find more that belonged to this community, somewhere I didn’t have to hide and find a partner that was my match. As I mentioned earlier, I did find fake profiles, sites that were more bothering that helpful for lesbian singles, leaving me with a bitter taste in the end.

Still, I did not want to quit, soon turning this search in a true mission. I knew that there were so many lesbian singles out there that needed some guidance. I wanted to share with all of you my findings so that you won’t have to get through the disappointment and bitterness I went through, in my quest to find a lesbian online community that was worth the effort. As I noticed, lesbian sex is something you can find rather easy, in comparison to stable relationships. There are many women out there that would like to experiment, such an adventure being appealing for them. But when it comes to lesbian dating, for the purpose of establishing a long-term relationship, things get a bit complicated. So I needed to find sites that could support this as well. Thus, I welcome you on my site, a place where you will find the most reliable lesbian dating sites out there, found and tested in detail.

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